Barnekow (family)

Barnekow is the name of the nobility of Mecklenburg († 16th century) and Pomerania Rügen particular associated family.


First documented in the family is with Alvericus Barnekow in the year 1236. 1335 the knight Ulrich and Heinrich von Barnekow be called as masters of Roggenstorf.

Good location and small Kubbelkow belonged since the 14th century until 1945 the family.

On April 25, 1825 granted King Friedrich Wilhelm III. Christoph Gottlieb von Barnekow a baron diploma.

Coat of arms

The root coat of arms shows in silver field a fairly jumping ( crowned ) half a red Aries; on the helmet with red and silver ceiling increasing ( between peacock feathers ) of rams.

Known members

  • Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm von Barnekow (1779-1838), Prussian Major General
  • Albert Christoph Gottlieb von Barnekow (1809-1895), a Prussian General of the Infantry
  • Gustav Karl Theodor Bogislaw Barnekow (1816-1882), a Prussian lieutenant general
  • Ulrich Karl Adolf von Barnekow (1816-1883), Prussian Major General
  • Henning Christoph Marten Barnekow (1859-1944), Prussian Major General
  • Marten Barnekow (1900-1967), German show jumping
  • Lizbeth Barnekow, Danish badminton player