The Barremian (also often shortened in the German language to Barremian ) is in Earth's history, a chronostratigraphic stage of the Lower Cretaceous. In absolute terms ( geochronological ) the stage covers the period from about 130.7 to about 126.3 million years. The Barremian following the Hauterivian and is detached from the Aptian.

Naming and history

The original type locality for the level is close to the resort Barremian (department Alpes- de -Haute -Provence, France). Henry Coquand suggested the stage and name in 1873.

Definition and GSSP

The stage begins with the Ersteinsetzen the ammonite species Spitidiscus hugii and ends with the magnetic anomaly M0. A GSSP (global type locality and type section) have not yet been finally determined.


To further subdivision of stage eleven ammonite biozones have been excreted in Tethysbereich.

  • Pseudocrioceras waagenoides
  • Colchidites Sarasini
  • Imerites Giraudi
  • Hemihoplites feraudianus
  • Gerhardtia sertousi
  • Ancyloceras vandenheckii
  • Coronites darsi
  • Kotetishvilia compressissima
  • Nicklesia pulchella
  • Nicklesia nicklesi
  • Spitidiscus hugii