Barron Hilton

William Barron Hilton ( born October 23, 1927 in Dallas, Texas, USA) is an American billionaire. He is heir to the Hilton hotel chain founded in 1919.



He is the second son of hotel founder Conrad Hilton and Mary Adelaide Barron. His brothers are Erik Hilton and Conrad Nicholson Hilton, Jr., the first man of actress Elizabeth Taylor ( 1950). He has a younger half-sister, Francesca Hilton, she is the daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Barron Hilton is the grandfather of sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Hilton married Marilyn Hawley 1947 (* February 11, 1928, † March 2004), with whom he had eight children: William Barron Hilton, Jr. ( b. 1948 ), Hawley Anne Hilton ( b. 1949 ), Stephen Michael Hilton ( b. 1950 ) David Alan Hilton ( b. 1952 ), Sharon Constance Hilton ( b. 1953 ), Richard Howard Hilton ( b. 1955 ), Daniel Kevin Hilton ( b. 1962 ) and Ronald Jeffrey Hilton ( b. 1963 ).

His son Richard Hilton is the father of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton, another grandson of the same name is Barron Hilton.

The heritage of the hotel's founder Barron Hilton is according to "The Forbes 400 " 2.3 billion dollars.

In August 2010, Hilton promised to donate about 75 % of its assets in favor of the campaign The Giving Pledge. The initiative was launched in June 2010 by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to life, to move U.S. " super rich " to donate more than half their wealth to charity.


Barron was a few years doing business in Los Angeles, he was at that time a member of the board of the Statler Hotels Delaware Corporation, as well as in the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

In 1954 he was elected Vice President of Hilton Hotels Corporation. His father was at that time the president of the company. Hilton held at this time pending in several other companies executive positions. They included aircraft charter companies, beverage companies and Texas oil companies.

In 1960 he founded the American football team San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are a team of the National Football League ( NFL) and play there in the American Football Conference (AFC) in the Western Division.

In 1982 he founded the luxury hotel chain Conrad Hotels.

In 1966 he took over the presidency of the Hilton chain.

In July 2007, the investor Blackstone Group acquired the Hilton chain for U.S. $ 26 billion ( 19 billion euros ).


Along with Helmut Reichmann he founded in 1981 the Barron Hilton Cup one of the most important international gliding competitions. The winners of this ongoing two-year competition will be invited to stay at the Flying M Ranch Hotel heirs. Here, with many celebrities of the air sports and the civil and military aviation, will be flown at best thermal conditions.