Barrow (Alaska)

North Slope Borough


Barrow is a city in North Slope Borough in the state of Alaska in the United States. It is the administrative center ( Borough Seat) of the North Slope boroughs, the northernmost city in the United States and one of the most northerly in the world. It is still a little further north than the European North Cape. Its population is 2010 according to the U.S. Census 4212 population.

Originally called Barrow Utqiaġvik or Ukpiaġvik, which translates as "the place where owls are hunted " is in Inupiaq. Its current name is derived from Point Barrow, the northernmost 15 km from the point of the United States, which was named in 1825 after Sir John Barrow.

Archaeological site Utqiaġvik

Utqiaġvik was a winter camp of Inupiat who hunted in the summer in the wider area and fished. In today's archaeological site, 60 historic and prehistoric houses the remains were of five people found in July 1982, by a sudden onrushing Eiswoge ( Inupiaq: ivu ) had been trapped in their house and killed under the weight of the ice immediately. The event could be dated to the year 1510 ± 70 years by radiocarbon method. The bodies of a 20 - year-old woman, a 13 - year-old boy and an eight year old girl were skeletonized. In contrast, a woman in her mid 20 - es and a 40 - year-old woman were mummified. They were probably located deeper than the others and were frozen in invading melt water. The autopsy of the mummies showed that both suffered from Anthracosis, the elderly also atherosclerosis and trichinellosis. In addition, she had given birth to a child a few months before her death, however, was not found. Leave the empty stomachs and stretched bubbles suggest that the family were surprised at night by misfortune. The bodies also artifacts such as snow goggles, ice axes, harpoons, and cookware were found.


Popular culture

  • The horror film 30 Days of Night with Josh Hartnett plays in Barrow.
  • In the novel, World's End by TC Boyle, the protagonist Walter Van Brunt fly to Barrow, where lives his alleged 19 years ago Missing Father Truman.

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