Bartolomé Blanche

Bartolomeo (also: Bartolomé ) Blanche Espejo ( born June 6, 1879 in La Serena, † June 10, 1970 ) was a Chilean politician and military officer. In the fall of 1932, he served for three weeks on a transitional basis as president of his country.

After attending school in his hometown Blanche joined as a cadet in the Military School ( Escuela Militar ) and pursued a career as an officer. A longer stay abroad led him in 1909 to Germany, where he was assigned to the Cavalry School in Hanover. In 1927 he reached the rank of general of the Chilean Army.

Under the military dictatorship of Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Blanche held the post of Minister of War. After the fall of the " Socialist Republic " by Juan Esteban Montero Rodríguez and the chaos of the riots and coups of 1932 made ​​him Carlos Dávila Espinoza to the interior minister and handed him on 13 September provisionally the official duties of the President. Blanche remained only three weeks in office, appointed the Chairman of the Supreme Court, Abraham Oyanedel Urrutia, his Vice - President and resigned on October 2, 1932. Blanche managed the army that stood back in Antofagasta and Concepción shortly before the coup to calm and so clear the way for the presidential elections of 30 October 1932 the Chile allowed the return to constitutional order.

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  • President ( Chile)
  • Minister of the Interior (Chile)
  • Of Defense (Chile)
  • Military person (Chile)
  • Chilean
  • Born in 1879
  • Died in 1970
  • Man