Bartow, Germany

Bartow is a municipality in the northeast of the county Mecklenburg Lake District. The community is located south of Jarman. Until 1 January 2004, the municipality was part of the Office Tollensetal and has since become part of the Office Treptower Tollensewinkel based in Old Treptow.

Geography and transport

Bartow is located about ten kilometers south of Jarman. The national road 35 (formerly B96 ) runs through the district of Great Below the community. The A20 runs through the municipality. She can be reached via the Anklam connection. Through the west of the village flows the Tollense.


  • Bartow
  • Great Below
  • Pritzenow


Bartow was first mentioned in 1277 as Bertekowe in a charter of Duke Barnim I of Pomerania. This allowed this to Johann Thuring who had bought by the Knights Heidenreich and Gerhard von Heydebreck ten fields in the village to give a monastery of his choice these lands. Part of the village came thus into the possession of the monastery Stolpe. The Heydebreck still had a share of two farms in Bartow, which later passed to a branch of the family of Schwerin. Another farm had the sitting on Daberkow family von Blücher. This was sold in 1738 to the family of Linden and arrived to the family of Netzow later.

The monastic portion of the village was named after the introduction of the Reformation in Pomerania assigned during the secularization of monastery estates the ducal office Klempenow. After the transition Altvorpommerns of Swedish Pomerania to Prussia belonged to the sovereign part of Bartow to Domänenamt Klempenow. 1865 lived 89 inhabitants in the sovereign part 546 and the knights economic part.

From 1897 to 1945, the railroad of the Demminer Kleinbahnen East ran through Bartow. The local cooperative dairy had its own connection.

The Good Great Below was until 1791 domain and was then sold to the bailiff Fleischmann for his son in law of the winter field. In the first half of the 19th century, the estate passed into the family of Heyden, finally to von Rosenstiel by marriage of a von Heyden. This family remained until 1945 in the possession of the goods. The von Heyden built in 1855 the manor and extended the park. 1862 had major Below 169 inhabitants. The manor house burned down in 1945.


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  • Late Gothic church Bartow: Stucco and brick stone church from the 14th/15th. Verbrettertem century west tower from the 16th century; In the 18th century the church received by Attachments its present form.
  • War memorial 1914/18 in Bartow as Obelisk
  • Manor House in Pritzenow

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