Barver is a municipality of the velvet municipality Rehden ( administrative seat in Rehden ) in Lower Saxony Diepholz in Germany.

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Barver is located northeast of the nature park Dumber and Rehdener Geest Moors and south of the nature park Geest, almost exactly in the middle between Bremen and Osnabrück in the north to the southwest. The place is located east of the trowel mountain on the western shore of the Wagenfelder Aue, a southeastern tributary of the River Hunte.


The place was in the 12th/13th. Century Bervere, 1350 Beruere 1549 Barwerden and named in 1700 Barver.

For the first time the church was mentioned in records in 1203. 1219 is mentioned in connection with the history of the place the noble family de Bervere. The place existed therefore already at the time when the abbey of Corvey in the county Diepholz rose tithing.

Clearly visible is the old road east of the village. Also, a railway and the main road crossing the wetland at Barver, the " ferry crossing the forest ."


Parish council

The council is composed of Barver since the local elections on 11 September 2011 from two Council men and nine councilors.

  • Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD ): 5 seats
  • Wählergemeinschaft Barver ( WFTU ): 6 seats


The honorary mayor Detlev Easter Brink was elected on 9 September 2001.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the municipality Barver shows on a green background a golden oak branch with three leaves and two acorns. Underneath a golden wave beam, the floodplain, tributary of the River Hunte represents. Underneath a golden mill stone.

Community partnerships

A community partnership with the French community Lezay is officially since 26 August 1973.

Culture and sights


A well-preserved, though wingless Dutch windmill built in 1865 is located near the L344 ( Barnstorfer road ) towards Barnstorf. This mill is the station 12 to the Lower Saxon Mill Road / region between the rivers Weser and Hunte.


Barver has a sports complex with multi-purpose hall. There is a tennis club in Barver with two clay courts.

Economy and infrastructure


The municipality is located north near the federal road B214, which runs from Diepholz to Nienburg / Weser.


In Barver there is a branch of elementary school Rehden.