Baryancistrus sp. L18

Baryancistrus is a genus of fish from the family of armored catfish ( Loricariidae ). Species of this genus have been detected so far in Brazil (Rio Xingu ) and Venezuela (Rio Orinoco and Rio Ventuari ).

Genus -specific features

The genus features include a large head and body, odontodes to the premaxillary bones, teeth numerous, large upper jaw and a fully armored abdomen. The most striking feature to distinguish Baryancistrus to other genera in the family Loricariidae is a small membrane that extends from the dorsal fin and can extend to the approach of the adipose fin, or not. Other genera ( Oligancistrus, Parancistrus, and Spectracanthicus ) have a similar membrane, but which is then fully connected to the adipose fin.

History of Description

The genus was described in 1989 by Lucia Rapp Py -Daniel. Individual species were much earlier zoological known, such as Baryancistrus niveatus (1855 ) and Baryancistrus longipinnis (1895 ).

Scientifically described species

So far, six species have been scientifically described.

  • Baryancistrus niveatus Castelnau, 1855
  • Baryancistrus longipinnis Kindle, 1895
  • Baryancistrus demantoides Werneke, Sabaj Pérez, Lujan & Armbruster, 2005
  • Baryancistrus beggini Lujan, Arce & Armbruster, 2009
  • Baryancistrus chrysolomus Rapp Py- Daniel, Zuanon & Ribeiro de Oliveira, 2011
  • Baryancistrus xanthellus Rapp Py- Daniel, Zuanon & Ribeiro de Oliveira, 2011

In the aquarium, however, undescribed species are much more known so far.