Landscape in Bas -Intyamon

Bas -Intyamon is a municipality in the canton of Fribourg Greyerzbezirk in Switzerland. The municipality was created on 1 January 2004 through the merger of the previously independent municipalities Enney, Estavannens and Villars -sous -Mont. The municipality is located in Enney.


Bas -Intyamon is located 6 km south-southeast of the district main town cop (air line). The municipality is located in the Haute- Gruyère, in the valley of the Sarine (French: Sarine ), to the east in the Fribourg Alps of Moléson.

The area of ​​33.3 km ² large municipality area includes a portion of the Upper Gruyère in the Fribourg Alps. The central part of the area is the Saanen valley extending in the north-south direction with an up to 1.5 km wide flat Talniederung. From the west of the Sarine flow to the streams Ruisseau des Praz, Ruisseau d' Afflon and Ruisseau du Bry, which subdivide the left side of the valley in the foothills of the various Moléson Massif, including La Vudalla ( 1,670 m above sea level. M. ) and Vanil Blanc ( 1'573 m above sea level. M. ). In the west the area dates back to the Valley of Albeuve that springs on the northern slope of the Moléson.

East of the River Sarine extends the communal land on the adjacent mountain range with Dent du Chamois ( 1,830 m above sea level. M. ), Dent du Bourgo ( 1,909 m above sea level. M. ) and Les Merlas ( 1,908 m above sea level. M. ) into the Motélontal. The Ruisseau de Motélon, a southern side of the creek Jaunbach, forms the eastern border. In this valley are the remote Alpine Varvalanne and Porcheresse. Above is Porcheresse on the limestone peaks of the Dent de Folliéran with 2,340 m above sea level. M. reached the highest point of Bas -Intyamon. The northern border against the basin of bull runs through a constriction of the Saanetals and on the east ridge of the subsequent Dent du Chamois. From the municipality surface 1997 3 % was attributable to settlements, 39 % of forest and shrubs, 48% to agriculture and slightly more than 10% was unproductive land.

Bas -Intyamon consists of the villages Enney (720 m above sea level. M. ), Villars -sous -Mont ( 758 m above sea level. M. ) and Estavannens, which consists Estavannens lingerie (770 m above sea level. M. ) and Estavannens - composed Dessus ( 798 m above sea level. M. ). In addition, include the hamlet of La Chenau (807 m above sea level. M. ) on the Ruisseau du Bry in the trough west of Enney and Afflon (740 m above sea level. M. ) on the alluvial fan of the Ruisseau d' Afflon on the western edge of the Saanetals as well as numerous individual farms and Alpine huts to the community. Neighboring towns of Bas -Intyamon are Greyerz, Val -de- Charmey, Grand Villard and skin -Intyamon.


With 1190 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) Bas -Intyamon belongs to the medium-sized municipalities in the canton of Fribourg. Of the 95.4 % inhabitants are French-speaking, German-speaking 2.1 % and 1.5 % speak Albanian (as of 2000). The population of Bas -Intyamon amounted in 1900 to 792 inhabitants. Throughout the 20th century, the population took tends to decrease more and reached in 1960 with 684 residents a temporary low. Since then, a significant population increase was recorded (especially since 1980).


Bas -Intyamon was until the mid-20th century, a predominantly coined by farming village. In the 19th century, the straw-plaiting played an important role. Even today, animal husbandry and dairy farming ( for the production of Gruyère cheese) and to a lesser extent agriculture an important role in the economic structure of the population. The municipality owns extensive Alpine meadows for summer grazing of livestock. More jobs are in small local manufacturing and services available. In Bas -Intyamon small businesses in the food and furniture industry, electronics and mechanical workshops, carpentry and concrete work have settled since the 1980s. Several gravel pits are being exploited in the Saanen valley. In Villars -sous -Mont is the retirement and nursing home for the towns in the Haute - Gruyere. In recent decades, Bas -Intyamon has also developed into a residential community. Many employed persons are therefore commuters who Bulle and Fribourg work in the regions.


The community is conveniently technically quite well developed. It lies on the main road from Bulle to Chateau d'Oex. On July 23, 1903, the railway line of bull was taken to Montbovon with stations in Enney and Villars -sous -Mont and at the junction of the road to Estavannens in operation. Estavannens is linked by a bus Transports Publics Fribourgeois that runs from Bulle to Grand Villard, to the network of public transport.


The municipal area of Bas -Intyamon belonged since the Middle Ages to the county of Greyerz. After the last count had made ​​von Greyerz 1554 bankruptcy, the area in 1555 came under the rule of Freiburg and the Bailiwick Greyerz has been assigned. After the collapse of the ancien régime (1798 ) Bas -Intyamon first belonged to the prefecture and from 1848 to the district of Gruyère.

On 5 June 2003, the voters of the municipalities Enney, Estavannens and Villars -sous -Mont voted with a majority of Yes - 90% for the fusion of their communities. Effective on January 1, 2004, therefore, was the new community Bas -Intyamon. Also Grand Villard was originally poking the municipality Bas -Intyamon. Its inhabitants, however, rejected the merger, which is why Grand Villard was a politically independent community.