Basarabeasca District

The Rajon Basarabeasca (Russian район Басарабяска ) is a raion in Moldova. The Rajonshauptstadt is Basarabeasca.


The Rajon located in the southeast of the country on the border of Odessa in Ukraine. Within the borders of Moldova Rajon to the Autonomous Region of Gagauzia and Rajon Cimişlia.

Besides the capital consists of Rajon Basarabeasca from the communities Abaclia, Başcalia, Carabetovca, Iordanovca, Iserlia and Sadaclia.


The Rajon Basarabeasca has existed since 2003. Until February 2003, the area belonged in common with today's Rajons Cimişlia, Hînceşti and Leova the now defunct county Lapusna ( Judeţul Lapusna ).



1959 24 814 inhabitants lived in what is now Rajons. Up to 31 612 from 27 776 in 1970, over 29,889 in 1979, in 1989 until 2004, as in all of Moldova decreased the population of the Rajons that was in that year 28,978: In the following decades, the population steadily increased. .

Ethnic groups

According to the 2004 census put the Moldovans with 69.8 % the proportionally largest ethnic group in Rajon Basarabeasca, followed by the Russians at 8.9%, the Gagauz 7.7%, Ukrainians at 6.7%, the Bulgarians with 5, 3% and the Romanians with 0.2 %. The proportion of the Moldovan people to group counting residents is lower than in all of Moldova, where they represent 75.8 %.


In Basarabeasca is a branch of the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine.