Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx is a British electronic dance music duo, consisting of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe.

Band History

The career of Basement Jaxx started in 1994 in Brixton, South London, before they were known in the late 1990s. End of the 1990s, published the Jaxx her first mix in the Annie Nightingale show of BBC Radio 1 and procured up worldwide recognition in the electronic music scene.

They had 2002 Where's Your Head At? a big hit. The song is based on the song M.E. by Gary Numan, and was used in the soundtrack of Tomb Raider. The song Red Alert from the debut album Remedy is based on Far Beyond the band Locksmith and was used in a Coca -Cola commercial.

In 2005 she was awarded for the album " Kish Kash " as Best Dance Album Grammy. In September 2006, they released a video for the single " Take Me Back to Your House", in which Siberia is being satirized days of the Soviet Union. Items on display include a larger than life balalaika, Kalinka dancing bears and a Stalin double in the tank, which ( the singer and the main protagonist of the video) with Martina Sorbara takes finally home.

In summer 2006, Basement Jaxx denied beside Orson act for Robbie Williams ' Close Encounters - tour. 2009 joined the electro duo at the Nuremberg Rock im Park Festival on the Club Stage ( the smallest stage ) on, as well as in the Greater tent at Rock am Ring.