BaseX is a native and compact XML database management system, which is developed as a community project on GitHub. It is mainly used for storage, query and visualization of large XML documents and collections. BaseX is platform independent and is offered under a permissive open source license ( BSD).

In contrast to other document-oriented databases, most XML databases support standardized query languages ​​such as XPath and XQuery. BaseX offers a high standard of conformity to the relevant W3C Recommendations and the official update and full-text extensions. The integrated graphical user interface allows interactive exploration and analysis of data and the interactive execution of XPath / XQuery expressions.


  • XPath query language
  • XPath / XQuery 3.0 XQuery Update Facility 1.0 (W3C )
  • XPath / XQuery Full Text 1.0 (W3C )

Database layout

BaseX uses a tabular illustration of tree structures for storing XML documents. A database can contain both individual documents and collections of documents. The XPath Accelerator encoding and the Staircase- join operator is used as the basis for the acceleration of XPath location steps. Furthermore BaseX has numerous index structures that accelerate query speed path operations, attribute, and text compare and full-text searches.


BaseX was founded in 2005 by Christian Green at the University of Konstanz. Since 2007 BaseX open source and available under the BSD license.


Pictures of BaseX