Basketball at the 1972 Summer Olympics

In the XX. 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich was held a competition in basketball. Venue was the basketball court in the Siegburg Street ( later Rudi Sedlmayer Hall, today's Audi Dome) with 6635 spectators. A vorolympisches qualifying tournament to determine the 15th and 16th team of the field had been held two weeks before the start of the group stage in the sports hall of Augsburg.

For the first time in the history of Olympic basketball competitions did not win the representatives of the United States. The conclusion of the final victory is still controversial, as the last seconds in which Alexander Belov scored the decisive points for the Soviet team had been repeated twice. The U.S. selection took out protest not at the award ceremony in part, not a single U.S. player ever took out his silver medal.

  • 4.1 Third place match 15
  • 4.2 Third place match 13
  • 4.3 Third place match 11
  • 4.4 place play- 9
  • 4.5 Game for 7th place
  • 4.6 Match for 5th place
  • 4.7 Match for third place
  • 4.8 final


Preliminary round

Group A

Group B

Second round

After the assassination of the Israeli team on September 5, 1972, the Egyptian team left Munich in the interests of safety.

Final round

Place play- 15

Place play- 13

Place play- 11

Place play- 9

Game for 7th place

Match for 5th place

Match for 3rd place