Basketball at the 1988 Summer Olympics

At the Olympic Summer Games in Seoul in 1988, there was a men's and a women's tournament in basketball. In the Jamsil Sports Hall found the total of 66 games the two tournaments instead of 17 to 30 September 1988. The teams had previously undergone a qualification system and then stepped in Seoul in group and subsequent knockout tournaments. The men's tournament won the team from the Soviet Union Yugoslavia and the United States. Gold in the women's tournament went to the team of the United States, which asserted itself against Yugoslavia and the USSR.


As with the other team sports, football, handball, hockey and volleyball regional and international qualifiers took place. To participate in the Olympic tournament, each team had to qualify in these tournaments, and this by the Fédération Internationale de Basketball. Only the teams from the host nation South Korea and the Olympic champion of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, the ladies and gentlemen were the United States in both the. In the men's Spain, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia qualified in European qualifying, Canada, Brazil and Puerto Rico in the American and the Central African Republic and Egypt in the African qualifiers. In addition, the People's Republic of China came from Asia and Australia from Oceania. For the women's tournament was over the qualifying tournament in Kuala Lumpur, which was held in June 1988, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Australia and the People's Republic of China.

The Department of the Organizing Committee for the organization of basketball competitions was established on 1 November 1987, moved its office on 20 April 1988, in the Jamsil Gymnasium, to begin with the direct preparation of the tournaments. Overall, it included five managers and 21 senior executives, as well as six members of the SLOOC rod, 446 volunteers and 192 assistants. The tournaments of the 1986 Asian Games and the pre-Olympic basketball tournament of 1987 were used as test competitions to test the processes and improve. The Olympic tournaments were monitored by 28 officials of FIBA ​​.

The participating teams were asked five training halls. The ball was made by Morton Rubber Company of Japan.

Medal Tally

The Olympic basketball tournaments were dominated by the duel between the great powers Soviet Union and United States, which clashed for the first time after twelve years at the Olympics. In the men's, the Soviet team were able to put and won gold, while the U.S. Bronze outdated. In the women's tournament it went out the other way around and the U.S. became Olympic champion, the third place went to the team of the USSR. In both tournaments the respective Yugoslav team could be in the final, but was defeated there and thus won silver.

In the group A of the men's tournament, South Korea, the USSR, Yugoslavia, Puerto Rico, Australia and Central Africa were, in group B, the USA, Spain, Brazil, the People's Republic of China, Canada and Egypt. In the quarter- finals, put the team from Yugoslavia who defeated Canada with 95:73, and the United States, which won against Puerto Rico with 94:57, clear through. The Soviet Union, however, took a close 110:105 against the team from Brazil and Australia sat down with the stand of 77:74 through against Spain. In the semifinals, it came to a clash of teams from the USA and the USSR. The U.S. underwent with 76:82. The second team, Yugoslavia qualified for the final. The gold medal went to the team of the Soviet Union, who won the final with 76:63, repeating their success of 1972 in Munich. For team included, among others Šarūnas Marciulionis and Rimas Kurtinaitis. Silver team of Yugoslavia, won the bronze medal the U.S. team that defeated in the match for third place with 78:49 Australia.


In the group A of the Women's tournament, South Korea, Australia, the USSR and Bulgaria were, in group B, the People's Republic of China, the USA, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. In the women, the duel between the superpowers was in the semifinals of the other way around and the U.S. sat down with 102:88 through against the USSR. After the group stage, it came directly to the semi-finals. Unlike the men, the U.S. women were able to achieve with the 102:88 against the team of the USSR. The second team of Yugoslavia moved to a tight 57:56 victory against Australia in the final. There, the U.S. team won 77:70 against the team from Yugoslavia and overtook gold. Particular contribution to this victory was the center player Anne Donovan. Another team member was Teresa Edwards, who won one of their four Olympic gold medals. Bronze won the team of the USSR that defeated Australia in the small final with 68:53.