Basketball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Basketball applicable in Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the most popular sports. Even in the days of Yugoslavia, basketball was a very popular sport.

In the Adriatic Basketball Association, a supra-national basketball league play two Bosnian basketball clubs.

  • 3.1 2005/2006 season
  • 3.2 2004/2005 season
  • 3.3 2003/2004 season
  • 3.4 2002/2003 season
  • 4.1 Bosnian national

Bosnian basketball before independence

The beginnings of basketball in Bosnia and Herzegovina are due in the 20s of the 20th century. After the sport in neighboring Croatia in 1924 increasingly common after the stay by the American William Weil country, the sport of basketball also won in Bosnia notoriety. The Bosnian Basketball Association was founded on April 3, 1950 as part of the Yugoslav Basketball Federation and remained under the Yugoslav federation until the declaration of independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the spring of 1992. As part of the Yugoslav national team wore lots of Bosnia and Herzegovina basketball players winning medals and victories at the Olympic Games, FIBA world Basketball Championship, and European Basketball Championships brought about. A great success was achieved KK Bosna Sarajevo on 4 April 1979 as it became the first Yugoslav basketball team won the national champion - European Cup title.

The Yugoslav national team, the defending champion won the bronze medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, included with Dražen Dalipagić, Ratko Radovanovic, Sabit Hadzic and Emir Mutapcic only four players who were born in Bosnia. Previously, Yugoslavia had become 1980 Olympic gold medalist with Dalipagić and Mirza Delibašić, both of which were included in the FIBA Hall of Fame later, and with Radovanovic after the boycott of the United States in Moscow. Delibašić 1983 had to end his career after an intracerebral hemorrhage, but was later appointed to Bosnia's athlete of the 20th century, before he died in 2001.

Bosnian basketball leagues

According to the state structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ( Federacija of Bosnia and Herzegovina ) and the Republika Srpska ( Република Српска / Republika Srpska ), there are also three basketball leagues:

Bosnian basketball league D1

The D1 - League is the highest basketball league in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among them there is the A1 leagues of Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska. Playing in the D1 League following 16 basketball teams:

Bosnian League A1

  • Kakanj
  • Jablanica
  • Trica
  • Brčko
  • Novi Grad
  • Lokomotiva
  • Gracanica
  • Bošnjak
  • Gradina
  • Cazin
  • Vogošća MIMS
  • Play Off

Herzegownische League A1

  • Livno
  • Tomislav
  • Rama
  • Odžak
  • Vitez
  • Busovača
  • Čapljina
  • Široki II
  • Zrinjski II
  • Kos Mostar

RS League A1

  • Phoeniks
  • Nectar
  • Filozofski
  • Varda
  • Bratunac
  • Drina
  • Slavija
  • Mladost MG
  • Mladost WJ
  • Glasinac
  • Vrelo
  • Plus P

Bosnian basketball championships

The Bosnian Basketball Championships are first played in groups A B and later in the play-offs. Semifinals and finals will be played in the game mode best-of -three, that is, which team has won two games first, wins.

2005/2006 season

  • Semi-final 1: KK Bosna - Zrinjski MIK 2: 0
  • Semi-final 2: Široki - Igokea 2: 0
  • Final: KK Bosna - Široki 2: 1

2004/2005 season

  • Semi-final 1: KK Bosna - Zrinjski MIK 2: 0
  • Semi-final 2: Široki - Leotar 2: 1
  • Final: KK Bosna - Široki 2: 0

2003/2004 season

  • Semi-final 1: KK Bosna - Leotar 2: 0
  • Semi-final 2: Široki - Banjalucka 2: 1
  • Final: Široki - Bosna ASA 2: 1

2002/2003 season

  • Semi-final 1: Široki F - KK Bosna 2: 0
  • Semi-final 2: Borac Nektar - Zenica 2: 0
  • Final: Široki Feal - Borac Nektar 3: 2

Bosnian basketball cup

Bosnian national

The Bosnian herzegownische national existed since 1992 and has since qualified for six European Championships. At a World Cup or the Olympic Games, it has so far not participated.