Basque pelota at the 1900 Summer Olympics

The in the French capital Paris as part of the World's Fair ( Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Paris) discharged International competitions for Physical Education and Sport ( Concours Internationaux d' Exercices Physiques et de Sports ) also included a game in the sport of pelota, which the International Olympic Committee (IOC ), the program of the Olympic Games then assigned 1900 ( Games of the II Olympiad ).

Pelota was among the organizers, the term basque pelota, because the origin of this game lies in the Basque Country. His predominant distribution in this region and the associated lack of awareness meant that no complete tournament was held in the amateurs. There was only a single encounter between a Spanish and a French team, each consisting of two athletes. It was played with the Chesta Punta, a basket racket, which was worn on the hand. Another announced competition for a game with your bare hands ( a Mano ) failed due to lack of participation.

The match was played on 14 June. Venue was an investment in Neuilly -sur -Seine the local pelota Association Société de Jeu de Pelota. The result is not known, it was found only a winner and a loser.

In contrast to the prestigious than the IOC Olympic single game of the amateurs, there was for Professionals a small tournament with three teams, in which between 17 and 21 June, everyone plays against everyone. This tournament had a much higher profile to the organizers and was known as the Champion du monde. It is the IOC because of the amateur statutes as not Olympic tournament but no recognition.

  • 2.1 two team with the Chesta Punta

Two team

Nichtolympischer competition of Professionals

Two team with the Chesta Punta


June 17 Abadiano / Elicegui vs. Apesteguy / de Cambo 70:56

June 19 Barrenechea / Ituarte vs. Abadiano / Elicegui 70:62

June 21 Barrenechea / Ituarte vs. Apesteguy / de Cambo 90:72