Batak script

The Batak script ( Surat Batak ) is a syllabary of the island of Sumatra, and is used to write the various Bataksprachen.

It is related to the Pallava script and the Kavi script and is written from left to right.

It is also called surat na sampulu sia ( the nineteen letters).

Inherent vowel

Similar to other writings of Indian origin has the Batak writing the inherent vowel / a /, which can be changed by vowels or by virama. However, special rules apply to the positioning of the vowels when the word ends in a consonant.


There are several variants of the Batak script:

  • Checked
  • Mandailing,
  • Pakpak / Dairi,
  • Simalungun / Timur and
  • Toba

The characters are arranged differently depending on the language: