Battle of Artah

The Battle of Artah took place on April 20, 1105 between the Syrian troops under Radwan of Aleppo and the Crusader Principality of Antioch held under the regent Tancred of Tiberias. The battle ended in victory for the Crusaders.


After the great defeat of the Crusaders at the Battle of Harran in 1104 the Crusaders had east of the Orontes lost all their cities and castles. Prince Bohemond I of Antioch had then embarked for Europe to recruit reinforcements, so that the regency in Antioch was entrusted to his nephew Tancred. The new Regent began to reconquer the lost points.

Battle Record

1105 Tancred besieged the castle of Artah, which is located 40 km east-northeast of Antioch. When cycling with his army tried to cut off his supplies, Tancred took him to battle and defeated him. Tancred should have won the victory by " clever use of the terrain ", for example, by the tactic of a feigned retreat and following the ambush. Otherwise, little is known about the battle.


After his victory Tancred was able to regain numerous bases east of the Orontes. The nearest major counter- actions of the Muslims of northern Syria were made in 1111 and 1115 and were repulsed in the battles of Shaizar or Sarmin by the Crusaders.