Battle of Cassano (1799)

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The battle of the Adda was a battle of the Second Coalition war and occurred in northern Italy on the Adda river between 25 and 27 April 1799. In it, a Russian- Austrian army under Alexander Suvorov defeated a French army under Jean -Victor Moreau.

Battle Record

After the vorgedrungene to Italy Russo- Austrian army could occupy the fortresses of Brescia and Bergamo, she reached the left bank of the Adda. On the steep right bank was the stretched the 100 kilometers French army. Suvorov decided to use such stretching and sent General Bagration against their left flank. Its attack on April 25 was a success and the city of Lecco could be captured. Also a part of the French army was drawn to the edge.

At the same time the army parts Suvorov crossed the river at Brivio, Cassano and Lodi. From the bridgehead at San Gervasio from the Russians began to push away the French from the river. Troops who had crossed the river at Cassano could penetrate into the back of the French. Towards the evening of the 26th of April the French withdrawal from all positions began. On 27 April, the last hotbeds of resistance of the French were suppressed at Brivio and Verderio.

After the victory at the Adda, Russian troops took Milan. The battle went to the military history as an example of skilled troops use one on a broad front, the successful river crossing and the clever combination of main and secondary attacks.