Battle of Custoza (1848)

The first battle of Custoza took place on July 25, 1848 during the First Italian War of Independence between the army of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and the Southern Army of the Empire of Austria.

Starting position and the end

King Charles Albert ( r. 1831-1849 ) tried to unite Italy under his leadership and had to Austria's hegemony in northern Italy break. On July 25, 1848, the army led by him came to the Field Marshal Josef Wenzel Graf Radetzky von Radetz ( 1766-1858 ) commanded Austrian southern army and was beaten. Radetzky's victory meant a serious setback for the Italian national movement and secured the whereabouts of Lombardy in Austria until the Battle of Solferino in 1859.


On the occasion of his victory Johann Strauss composed the Radetzky March.

In 1867 in Vienna Landstrasse (3rd district) was named the Custozzagasse after the two battles of Custoza.