Battle of Mariazell

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The Battle of Mariazell was a battle of the Third Coalition War of the Napoleonic Wars, in which the rearguard of the Austro-Russian coalition was wiped out by the French troops under Louis de Generalleutlant Friant in Mariazell on 8 November 1805.


The Battle of Mariazell was held immediately after the capitulation of the Austrian troops in Ulm, where the Grande Armée was the road to Vienna open. The French and Bavarian troops followed the retreating Austrian associations under Kienmayer which had united in Braunau with Russian troops in the Austrian Danube region and provided several rearguard actions.


The after the Battle of the Enns and Steyr Ybbstal withdrawing Austrian associations stood in the room Neuhaus am Zellerrain against the French troops and intricate it in combat. But the French broke the resistance and quickly fell a plundering in Mariazell. The prisoners they brought up in the church. In the fighting, which continued to Wegscheid, fell about 1,500 soldiers. The French then waved to Lilienfeld in Vienna, while the severely weakened Austrians marched to Wiener Neustadt to cover the southern edge of Vienna.


It did not succeed the Austrian troops to halt the troops of the Grande Armée.