Battle of the Eurymedon

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The battle at the Eurymedon took place about 465 BC between the forces of the Delian League, under the leadership of Cimon and the Persians instead; it belongs to the late period of the Persian wars.

In fact, it is in this battle for a double battle: On the same day fought each land armies as well as the fleets of the Athenians and the Persians at the mouth of the river Eurymedon (now Köprü Çayı in southern Turkey ). The Eurymedon was in southern Asia Minor, coming from the Taurus Mountains ago, at the city of Aspendos over to the coast of Pamphylia in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Greeks first succeeded in the battle to destroy the enemy fleet, which consisted of 200 Phoenician ships in the service of the Persians. Then Cimon landed on the coast, attacked the Persian camp and also defeated the enemy army. Since the Greek triremes contributed only a small number of hoplites usually, it is assumed that the land battle is to be regarded rather as a small meeting.

The victory of the confederacy the Persian supremacy in the waters between Cyprus and Asia Minor was broken, the Aegean Sea was a Greek dominated inland sea. With the victory, Athens was a great power and appears as the most important opponent of the Persian Empire. As a result of the victory is now the cities of Caria and Lycia (including Knidos and Phaselis ) joined the Confederacy. The loot that was made in the battle, was used for the expansion of the Acropolis of Athens.


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