Baudricourt is a commune of 314 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in Lorraine. It belongs to the district Neufchâteau and Canton Mirecourt.


The municipality is located in the southeast of Baudricourt Xaintois, about 40 kilometers north- west of Epinal. The landscape around Baudricourt is hilly and dominated by grain fields. With the Bois les Etots, the municipality in the south of an approximately 30 -acre portion of a forest area. Is drained from the room the Cochon, a tributary of the Val d' Arol, which flows near Mirecourt in the Madon.

The village lies at Cochon, nestled between hills to the west and east, the amount of which tower above the valley floor to 50 meters. To the north opens up a side of Cochon. Baudricourt bordered to the northeast on the grounds of the airport Epinal Mirecourt, which is operated by the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Vosges ( Chambre de commerce et d'industrie des Vosges ).

In addition to the nucleus of the south and the subsequent Teilort Bassompierre Vorwerk Faubourg Saint -Remy belongs to the municipality. Both districts are located on the old road connection from Mirecourt after Neufchâteau.

Neighboring communities of Baudricourt are Juvaincourt in the north, Domvallier in the east, in the southeast Thiraucourt, Remicourt in the south, Rouvres -en- Xaintois in the west and Oëlleville in the northwest.


The place was first mentioned in the 10th century as Baldricicurt. In the Ancien Régime Baudricourt belonged to the Bailiwick of Mirecourt. The church, dedicated to Saint Remigius, was part of the Deanery of the Diocese of Toul Poussay within. From 1719 to 1766 was called the village of Saint-Menge.

Coat of arms

The black and red armored crowned lion on a gold field was originally the coat of arms of the knights and gentlemen of Baudricourt.



  • St. Remigius church ( Église Saint- Remy )

Economy and infrastructure

Agriculture continues to play a role in Baudricourt ( grain and fodder production, slaughterhouse ). Some residents are commuters to the commercial areas on Epinal Mirecourt Airport or for sight - Court- sur- Vraine. The partially -developed two-lane expressway (D 166) of Epinal Mirecourt after about Neufchâteau bypasses Baudricourt in the south with two terminals southwest and southeast of the village center. Road connections also exist in the neighboring communities Offroicourt and Oëlleville.