Bauer Media Group

Under the name of Bauer Media Group (until 2008 Bauer Publishing Group ), the company Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG occurs. It is a publishing group founded in 1875 with headquarters in Hamburg. It produces and distributes many popular magazines at home and abroad and has interests in the private radio and private television.


The company was founded in 1875 by the lithographer Johann Andreas Ludolph Bauer ( 1852-1941 ) founded the Hamburg opened a print shop at the age of 23 years. The focus was on the production of business cards. The operation is continued first son of Heinrich Friedrich Matthias (1874-1949) and later by grandson Alfred ( 1898-1984 ). After the turn of the century, the company brings the Rothenburgsorter newspaper, a free ad sheet out and affiliated with a securities business. A quick press and a jig to include new operating capital of the company JAL Bauer & Sons, which now includes about 20 employees.

1920, the Special Edition was founded, which later develops a sports newspaper and 1926 the weekly magazine will broadcast criticism, later renamed Radio week, last radio watch. The magazine reached a - for that time - a sensational run of sold over half a million copies. After the Second World War, the publishing businesses took the Heinrich Bauer Verlag 1946 again. 1953 appeared the youth magazine Rascals. From first 180,000 copies its paid circulation rose to over half a million books.

In the 1960s, shifted, after the occurrence of Heinz Heinrich Bauer ( born 1939 ) in the company and the assumption of management by Siegfried Moenig, the main business of the publishers to fashion and women's magazines, such as fresh cut, Elsa fashions and wash the first major step towards fashion. For these women's magazines, the New fashion emerged later. 1962, the publishing house was converted into a limited and extended its portfolio to TV program guides. It appeared TV and hearing and seeing, which are collectively referred to as TV hearing and seeing published later. In 1966, the magazines Quick and Review, New post, new magazines, the football magazine Kicker and the title TWEN were acquired for 68 million marks. Thus, the farmer became the largest German magazine publisher. In the same year the New Illustrated and the Revue were merged to New Revue, where the magazines were titled for some time with NEW REVUE magazine.

1968 were added to the Cologne-based printing company Du Mont - press, the magazine Das Neue Blatt and the youth magazine Bravo. Bravo Girl appear 1988. 1971 acquired the Bauer Media Group by Hugh Hefner the license for the German Playboy, which first appeared on August 1, 1972, was delivered to the Burda Verlag 2003.

Since 1984, Bauer Publishing Group has been involved in productions of commercial television: There are several magazines produced, including Bravo TV. The publishing group has also been active in other European countries, such as 1986 with the establishment of the Heinrich Bauer Ediciones SG in Madrid, Spain, and in 1987 H. Bauer Publishing, London, UK. As of 1989, it was also active on the U.S. market, for example, First for woman. 1991 TV Movie has been introduced. In the same year, the regional daily newspaper People's voice joins the Bauer Media Group and since then appears at the Magdeburg printing and publishing house GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bauer Media Group.

In 1992, the publishing group called the Golden Pen, a media prize in life, be awarded the special achievements in journalism. Also in 1992 the Quick, the former flagship of the Group, is set. With Bravo and various women's magazines, the publisher penetrated into the Eastern European market, such as Poland and the Czech Republic before. 2008 Revue ( New meantime Revue ) has been set.

Beginning of 2008, the Group departments Consumer Media and Radio of the UK company Emap, inter alia, with the magazines Mojo, Q and Empire.

Since April 2009, there is the postal company Bauer Postal Network ( BPN), which delivers the journals of the Bauer subscribers as well as publishing foreign press products, catalogs and information mail to residential and business addresses in Germany.

On 2 December 2010 took over Yvonne Bauer, daughter of Heinz Heinrich Bauer, the company's management. The Group's activities are merged as of this date in the Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG.

In May 2012, farmer of Marquard Media has bought the magazines Cosmopolitan, Joy and shape for a price 30-40 million euros.

In September 2012, farmer for allegedly 400 million euros the Australian Press Group Australian Consolidated Press (ACP ) were purchased. ACP is the largest magazine publisher in Australia and New Zealand and also operates in Hong Kong. It publishes 68 magazines and even has spearheaded another 30.

Data and business areas

The data refer to the annual reports of the Bauer Media Group: The Bauer Media Group publishes 570 magazines in 15 countries, and 54 magazines and the regional daily newspaper voice of the people in Germany. With their journals they reached a circulation of 14 million copies in Germany ( average paid circulation IVW II/2011 ) and generated a turnover of grossed 2.18 billion euros, 1.35 billion euros abroad in fiscal 2012. The Bauer Media Group in 2012 had approximately 11,000 employees.

The Bauer Media Group is both a market leader in the program magazine segment to which Europe's largest youth magazine Bravo, with a circulation of 7.2 million copies ( average paid circulation IVW II/2011 ) as well as in the weekly women's magazines and teen magazines segment.

In addition to the sales cooperation with the press distribution Pfalz GmbH & Co KG (24%) has firm in the field of electronic media holdings. At Radio Hamburg the Bauer Media Group since 1989 with 25% and on the television channel RTL 2 involved since 1992 with 31.5%. The Pabel Moewig publisher based in Rastatt is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bauer Media Group.


A summary of the published magazines and newspapers in Germany:

  • Everything for the woman
  • At a glance
  • Auto Zeitung
  • Bravo
  • Bravo Girl
  • Bussi Bear
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Coupe
  • The new
  • The soldier
  • TV week
  • Happinez
  • InTouch
  • Joy
  • Cook & enjoy
  • Laura
  • Yummy
  • Maxi
  • Even the man
  • Tina
  • Tv14
  • TV Movie
  • TV hearing and seeing
  • People's Voice
  • World of Wonder
  • Wohnidee

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