Baumgarten (Burgenland)

  • SPÖ: 10
  • ÖVP: 5

Baumgarten (Hungarian: Sopronkertes, Croatian: Pajngrt ) is a municipality with 911 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in Burgenland in the district Matter castle in Austria.

In the resort are approximately half the population members of the Burgenland- Croatian minority.


Baumgarten / Pajngrt or Pajngrt / Baumgarten is the only place in the community. The municipality borders on Hungary. It is represented in Baumgarten also the frontier station of Raab - Sopron - Ebenfurter Railway


Before Christ's birth, the area was part of the Celtic kingdom of Noricum and belonged to the area of the Celtic hillfort castle on the Schwarzenbacher Castle Hill.

Later, under the Romans, today's arboretum was then in the province of Pannonia.

The place was like the rest of Burgenland to 1920/21 Hungary ( German West Hungary). Since 1898, the Hungarian name Sopronkertes had to be used because of Magyarization the government in Budapest.

After the First World War German West Hungary in 1919, after tough negotiations, awarded by the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon Austria.

The place belongs since 1921 to the newly founded State of Burgenland (see also history of Burgenland ).

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the municipality Baumgarten is a talking coat of arms, it shows a fenced apple tree on a meadow on silver / white base. It is based on the municipal seals used since 1774. The color of the apples is red and yellow, the national colors of Burgenland. The municipality colors are red and green.




Mayor Kurt Fischer ( SPÖ), who won at the Mayor direct elections again in 2012 with 72.4 % of votes. At the same time, held council elections the SPÖ posted slight losses, reaching 68 % of the vote. The ÖVP grew slightly votes and reached 32%.

Culture and sights

  • Stock Image hl. Florian: on the Florianiplatz
  • Hill grave Krippelberg
  • Wayside chapel in honor of the Cross Discovery: Ödenburgerstraße
  • Catholic Parish Church: Parish Church of St.. Peter and Paul
  • Figure Bildstock hl. John of Nepomuk
  • Cemetery wall
  • Pauline monastery (also: Deserted monastery)
  • Marian column
  • Figure shrine, Family column


  • Ivanschitz ( b. 1983 ), Austrian football player, former captain of the Austrian national football team, professional football player for the 1st FSV Mainz 05, younger brother of Clemens, who grew up in Baumgarten
  • Clemens Ivanschitz (* 1980), Austrian football player and musician - MC in radio drama crew, older brother of Andrew, grew up in Baumgarten