Bavarian football derbies#1. FC Nuremberg versus SpVgg F.C3.BCrth

As Franken derby football matches between the clubs 1st FC Nuremberg and SpVgg Greuther Fürth be called. The franc Derby is so far 256 matches is the most commonly discharged football derby in Germany.



Beginning of the twentieth century established the first football clubs FC Nuremberg ( 1900) and SpVgg Furth (1903), and soon a great rivalry, which has been particularly controversial because both teams were a long time at the best clubs in Germany developed. The city limits since 1899 directly to each other and are almost fused together.

For the first time found a place in Derby autumn of 1902 and ended 15-0 for Nuremberg. However, the first three games can not be unconditionally included in the statistics, because at that time the football section of the 1860 TV Fürth took, which was self-employed as SpVgg Fürth until September 23, 1903. On September 18, 1904 took place at the Nürnberg- Fürth championship the first game in a tournament, with the first FC Nuremberg won 3-0. In December 1908 the first time a game ended in a draw ( 3:3 ) and on 20 October 1910, the first win for Fürth ( 2:1). This first victory was also the first Derby, which was on the sports field at Fürth Ronhofer way, the then largest sports ground of the German Reich, discharged. The audience number was around 10,000.

Francs German football stronghold

General succeeded in Fürth in the 1910s to overtake Nuremberg, culminating in the first German championship in 1914. In 1920 won the first Nuremberg Victoria, after being beaten in the final Fürth. It was immediately following the championship season, as the First World War had led to the interruption of gaming operations, which is why the SpVgg served as master six years. From July 8, 1918 until February 5, 1922 Nuremberg remained unbeaten in 104 Association games. Beginning and end of this series were determined by defeats against Fürth. The 1920s meant for both clubs, the most successful period.

Larger notoriety reached an anecdote of 21 April 1924. Those days only player of Nuremberg and Fürth were for a match of the German national team against the Netherlands have been nominated. Germany won in this game for the first time against the Netherlands, however, the actors spent round-trip ride in separate train compartments by clubs. 1929 Fürth became the champion so far last time, with the final against Hertha BSC was held in the Nuremberg stadium. Exemplary for the hardness, in the derbies were contested at this time, is a game of 6 October 1929. Then there were 87 free kicks and three sending offs, final score was 1:1.

Beginning of the 50s it abolished the Franks Derby again, is to establish a 's top-class football games in Germany. A 2:7 home defeat against the Nuremberg Fürth from October 1, 1956 Commenting on the former Nuremberg external rotor Hans " Bumbes " Schmidt with the words: " The tears have stood by me in the eyes, as who played! And of all the Blödel from Fürth win the " The quote therefore reached notoriety because Schmidt was the Fürth coach at this time.

Since the formation of the Bundesliga

1963 SpVgg Fürth could not qualify for the newly introduced Bundesliga. The former record holder Nuremberg, however, was 1968 the last time Master before the relegated club and so far changed seven times between the second and first league. Fürth increased between from up in the Viertklassigkeit. 1996/97 played both teams in the third-tier Regionalliga Süd and clashed in the DFB Cup. The 44 181 spectators still constitute the record for a cup match between third- division club. The League dominated Nuremberg and Fürth at will, so that they rose together at the end. From then on, Fürth belonged to rise in 2012 continuously in the second division, where the rise was often narrowly missed.

In recent years, some Fürth home games were played in the larger Franken Stadium, but not in the 2003/04 season and in the 2008/ 09 season, as the game union in the promotion battle did not want to give up the home advantage. 2004 attracted some 3000 fans in Nuremberg Fürth by a march through the Fürth town center, the police were dealing with it. To avoid a similar situation, advised the police in 2009 an extensive security ring around the Fürth stadium. When Derby 253 on May 10, 2009, more people than in the sold out Playmobil Stadium was the easy credit Stadium hosted a public viewing to the 16,000 visitors came fit. In the second round of the DFB Cup 2011/12 took place on 20 December 2011 edition of the 254 francs derbies, as well as the Derby before that was a huge police effort required. Fürth won 1-0 in Nuremberg and moved subsequently to the semi-finals. After the end of the game caused a riot by angry Nuremberg fans invaded the interior of the stadium.

In the second division season 2011/12 Fürth finished at the end of the first place and rose for the first time in the 1st Bundesliga. In the 2012/13 season, therefore, was on 24 November 2012 in Fürth francs Derby for the first time since the season 1962/63 about 49 years ago back in the German top flight instead. The city of Fürth issued by a general order, a barring the city for all persons for whom it is " recognizably trailer of the 1st FC Nuremberg, the (also small groups) are in groups of several people on the way" is. This prohibition, however, was overturned by the Administrative Court of Ansbach, on the grounds that it is not legally possible. The game ended 0-0, each one sending-off for each team but again witnessed by the high emotionality. The return match in Nuremberg on April 21, 2013 won Greuther Fürth 1-0, the winning goal scored Johannes Geis.

Exchange between the clubs

An exchange between the clubs was once " an impossibility ". Leonhard " Loni " Seiderer was the first player, who moved from Nuremberg to Fürth. Hans Sutor, however, was practically forced to make a change. As the Fürth married a from Nuremberg shortly after the lost against Nuremberg Championship 1920, he was not allowed to play for his club. He joined on the 1st FC Nuremberg, with whom he eventually won three championships. The former last player who transferred directly between the professional teams was Juri Judt, who came to Nuremberg before the 2008/ 09 season.


To date took place 256 francs derbies. It won 137 times the Nuremberg, Fürth 71 times and 46 times the game ended in a draw. Two more games were canceled and it is a game sport court interpreted as a victory for Fürth.

The following table shows the results of the Derby since the 2000/2001 season. It draws are yellow, red and Nuremberg victories highlighted Fürth wins green.