A bay is a mostly flat structured " inflection " a body of water or land area.

The size of bays in which some islands, groups of islands, peninsulas, islands and mudflats and small or only very low basins are can be a few meters or several hundred kilometers in width or extent. A small bay is also known as Anse.

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Bays in the aquatic

Under a lying in a bay waters is defined as a portion of a lake or sea, which extends into the shore or coastal area and represents a " bulge ". They are often separated from the open sea by spits. Bays with an opening to the open sea of less than 24 nautical miles ( UNCLOS Article 10 ) include international law to the inside waters. Under a minimum width of 3.5 miles and a certain minimum depth bulges of the sea may be legally designated by the law of the sea not as a bay but as Fjord or Fjord.


  • Atlantic Ocean: Baffin Bay ( northwestern marginal sea of ​​the Atlantic; North America )
  • Hudson Bay ( in the Canadian Shield; North America )
  • German Bight ( main bay and largest bay on the Danish- German - Dutch coast; Central Europe): Heligoland Bight ( part of the German Bight ): Meldorfer Bay ( part of the Heligoland Bight )
  • German Baltic Sea coast; Central Europe: Geltinger Bay (part of Flensburg Fjord before Schleswig -Holstein)
  • Kiel Bay (main bay off the east coast before Schleswig -Holstein): Eckernförder Bay ( part of the Bay of Kiel )
  • Hohwachter Bay ( part of the Bay of Kiel )
  • Kiel Fjord ( a part of the Bay of Kiel )
  • Lübeck Bay ( part of the Mecklenburg Bay ): Wismar Bay - ( a part of the Bay of Lübeck )
  • Gdańsk Bay
  • Gulf of Riga
  • Indian Ocean: Great Australian Bight

Bays on land

Under a person lying on a land area bay is defined as the portion of the mainland or an island, which extends into the surrounding mountains, thus representing a " bulge " and usually carries over to the lowlands.


  • Backnanger Bay ( Baden- Württemberg)
  • Bay of Cologne ( North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany, Central Europe )
  • Leipzig lowlands ( in Saxony and Saxony -Anhalt, Germany, Central Europe )
  • Medebacher Bay ( North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany, Central Europe )
  • Westphalian Bight ( North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany, Central Europe )

Bay on the Gulf of Naples

Caletta ( Small Bay ) in Torre dell'Orso

The Caletta in Torre dell'Orso from a different perspective.

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A sea bay, which was formed by a glacier is called, depending on the nature of their creation, promotion, Fjärd or fjord. Bays that have emerged from river valleys are referred to as Ria. In Italy, there are so-called calettas, which are small bays or harbors, which are found mainly in the south along the coast. See also: La Caletta.