Baztan, Navarre

Baztan (Basque, Spanish Baztán ) is a municipality ( municipio ) with 7974 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2013 ) in Spain. The Basque spelling is now the official, because it belongs to the Basque-speaking zone of Navarre. With 376.8 km ² the largest area municipality in Navarre, it is located north of the main ridge of the Pyrenees and bordered to the north and east of France.


The municipal area consists predominantly of the valley of the upper Bidasoa, also identified in the municipality Baztan. In the northern town of Olabidea springs (Spanish Olavidea ), actual headwaters of the Ugarana (French Nivelle ) flowing at Saint -Jean -de -Luz in the Atlantic. In the northeast tributaries include the Errobi (French Nive ) to the municipality. The highest elevation is the 1,418 m high Sayoa. The villages in the Baztan Valley are between 200 and 300 meters above the sea.

Community structure

The most important places in the municipality are:

  • Called the chief town of Elizondo, even as the community Baztan
  • Azpilkueta (Spanish: Azpilcueta )
  • Elbete (Spanish Elvetea ) grown together, with Elizondo
  • Irurita
  • Amaiur / Maya (Basque Amaiur, Spanish Maya de Baztán )


The main economic activities are agriculture and tourism. The river Bidasoa drives a small hydroelectric power plant.

Neighboring towns

Located northwest of the township of Baztan are as independent small communities the villages Zugarramurdi (209 m) with 233 inhabitants and Urdazubi / Urdax (100 m) with 348 inhabitants. They border only at Baztan, to France and to each other. In Urdazubi / Urdax stems from the Olsondo and ends at the village in the Olabidea, called from here Ugarana.