The abbreviation BBB stands for:

  • Bad Blue Boys, a fan club of the Croatian football club NK Dinamo Zagreb
  • Excavators, towage and salvage shipping Rostock
  • Basler Bebbi Basel, a Swiss Fasnacht Clique
  • BattleBoi Basti (* 1986), German rapper and art figure
  • Bavarian Farmers' Federation, former political party (1893-1933)
  • Bavarian Association of Civil Servants
  • BBBank, a private cooperative bank headquartered in Karlsruhe
  • Benson Municipal Airport, MN (USA ), ( IATA airport code)
  • Berlin swimming pool operations, the largest operator in Europe baths
  • Berlin ballgame Association, former Football Association (1905-1910)
  • Vocational education and training in a workshop for people with disabilities ( sheltered workshops )
  • Bibliography of book and library history, from 1982-2004 a central bibliography
  • Education Server Berlin -Brandenburg, the education server the states of Berlin and Brandenburg
  • Biotic Baking Brigade, politically oriented pie thrower group
  • Blanke Bevrydingsbeweging ( White Liberation Movement ), Afrikaner organization in South Africa
  • Blood -brain- barrier, the English name for the blood -brain barrier
  • Soil construction supervision, an instrument for the protection of soil on construction sites
  • Federation of carrier training ( Education Association )
  • Civic Union Bonn, political group in Bonn
  • Burger Library of Bern
  • BlackBerry Base, Deutsches Forum around the BlackBerry

BBB as code for:

  • A rating code, which stands for borrowers with average credit ratings, see Rating Code
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