BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 (short only Radio 2 called ) is a national radio program of the BBC. The program consists of music and arts programming for an adult audience, and in the UK is the most listened to radio program.


As a successor to the BBC Light Programme took Radio 2 on September 30, 1967 began broadcasting. Radio 2 broadcast in the late 1970s as the first British radio station, a 24 - hour program.

Prior to the establishment of BBC Radio Five Live as a news and sports broadcaster the BBC sports broadcasts were an integral part of the medium-wave program of Radio 2 Radio Five Live took his time, the medium-wave frequencies of Radio 2 Regularly present known TV presenters ( as Noel Edmonds ) and artists (such as Bruce Dickinson or Suzi Quatro ) in the country of their own broadcasts. The program is broadcast mainly from the London Western House. Some shows ( for example, the night show with Janice Long) but are also sent from the BBC Studios Birmingham or Manchester.

With a share of 27% it is today by far the most listened to radio program in the UK. It is, inter alia, through powerful FM stations (up to 250 kW) transmitted (compared to send in Germany FM stations only with a maximum power of 100 kW).

The BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards are granted to folk musicians every year.


Radio 2 transmits on FM in the frequency range 88-91 MHz, via DAB (12B ), the BSkyB satellite network, cable, DVB- T ( known as Freeview in the UK) as well as over the Internet.