BBEdit is a text editor for Mac OS X, which is primarily aimed at programmers and web designers. It was introduced on 12 April 1992 as a program for Macintosh System Software 6 and has since been continuously developed. The Bedford (Massachusetts ) U.S. based manufacturer Bare Bones Software offers in addition to the paid version for free, functionally limited version of: up to version 6.1, this was BBEdit Lite, later TextWrangler.


BBEdit dominated syntax highlighting for many programming languages. Next an FTP and SFTP support is integrated, as well as the possibility to compare different file versions. Some development environments can be used directly as a source code editor BBEdit.

The functionality of BBEdit can be extended by the user by scripts. It is also possible to add syntax highlighting for additional programming languages.


BBEdit is described as " powerful editor " " with many thoughtful and useful features ." The magazine c't raises 1997 indicated that " another program can hardly offer such a successful and powerful search-and- replace function ." The "popular" " flagship Mac - Editors" was "one of the best HTML editors ". Apple Macintosh magazines including Macworld devote the software with regular and detailed reviews. Mac Life raises BBEdit in a comparison of text editing tools in 2009 as still the best ( " still the best " ) produced and measures all other editors on this.

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