BBN Technologies

Bolt Beranek and Newman ( BBN, BBN Technologies also ) is a US-based company that was founded in 1948 for the planning of acoustics and significantly contributed to the development of information technology.


BBN was founded by Richard Bolt and Leo Beranek, professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were, and after a year of their employees Robert Newman involved. Occasion of the partnership Bolts overload with its contract to design the acoustics of the General Assembly of the United Nations. In the 1990s, the company changed its name to its abbreviation BBN, which led its subsidiaries in its name.

1963 published by the Association for Computing Machinery text of Bolt Beranek and Newman. It describes the experimental operation of a remote computer by a telephone to select as well as his spoken feedback. From such studies of acoustics as a means of basic communication skills of the BBN resulted in the creation of the first computer networks, whose feasibility had to be detected by existing analog telephone networks.

1969 BBN realized the Interface Message Processor, which not only allowed for the first computer network, but also the usability of the Internet later with different devices. The early analysis of a Denial of Service from 1980 comes from Bolt Beranek and Newman.

In 1962, BBN founding partner of the engineering company Müller- BBN GmbH, based in Munich. Among the five shareholders were next to Leo Beranek, BBN represented, acousticians Lothar Cremer, Manfred Heckl, Ludwig Schreiber and Helmut A. Müller. BBN 1972 sold his shares in Leo Beranek and former employees of Muller -BBN. The company name was changed to Müller- BBM.

Mid-1980s was not only the subsidiary BBN Communications in the United States to the group, but also for example BBN Communications UK in the UK and BBN computer in Hong Kong. At the same time BBN examined, for example, multiple effects of industrial noise on whales.

Since 2009, BBN Technologies is a subsidiary of the U.S. defense and technology company Raytheon.

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