BC Geographical Names

With BC Geographical Names or GeoBC (formerly BC Geographical Names Information System or BCGNIS ) is integrated into a database and provides the geographic information to governments, businesses and citizens to a web service that geographical information from the Canadian province of British Columbia. This database for British Columbia is guided through the Base Mapping and Geomatic Services Branch of the Integrated Land Management Bureau and subordinate to the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

The database contains official names and spellings of towns and cities, mountains, rivers, lakes and other geographical locations. The geographical names shall be recognized by the Geographical Names Board of Canada.

The database contains basic information via the following

  • "Feature Type " (type of object; city, river, lake, etc.)
  • "Status" ( status; official name of the object or unofficial name)
  • " Relative Location" ( approximate location description, in the form of a brief description )
  • " Latitude Longitude " ( geographical location, geographical coordinates)
  • "Date" (date, on which version of the North American Datum statements refer )
  • " NTS Map" ( NTS map, on which card to the National Topographic System of Natural Resources Canada, the object is )

Often, the description also contains other information such as the history of the object in question.

Pictures of BC Geographical Names