BC Place

BC Lions (CFL since 1983) Vancouver Whitecaps FC ( MLS since 2011) Vancouver Whitecaps ( NASL, 1983-1984) Vancouver Nighthawks ( WBL, 1988)

Winter Olympic Games (2010) Paralympic Winter Games (2010) Grey Cup ( CFL) - (1983, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1994, 1999, 2005, 2011) World Cup of Women (2015 )

BC Place Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Vancouver, Canada. It is the Football Team Vancouver Whitecaps FC home ground of Canadian football teams and BC Lions. In addition, hosts regular trade fairs. Owner is the province of British Columbia, the operation of the state-owned company BC Pavilion Corporation has transferred. During the 2010 Winter Olympics here the opening and closing ceremonies and awards ceremonies were held.


The stadium was built in the context of the World Exhibition Expo 86. Construction began in April 1981 and the opening took place on 19 June 1983. The construction costs amounted to 126 million CAD. At the opening, it was the world's largest stadium with an inflatable air cushion roof; this consisted of thin Teflon layers.

On 5 January 2007 occurred in the air cushion on a tear, having accumulated on the roof of heavy wet snow. Due to the hot air which has been blown between the top two layers in order to melt the snow, the enlarged plan. Then collapsed the roof of BC Place. A controlled venting of the remaining air was made in connection. At the time of the collapse there are no people were in the building. However, the pressure suddenly emerging destroyed glass fronts of adjacent premises. The operating company had the bad weather conditions at the time of the incident to the debt. The stadium is still classified as "safe", even experts confirmed the fact. Penetration of water had to be pumped from inside the stadium. On 19 January 2007, the roof was re-inflated after completion of the repair work.

From 2009 to 2011, the stadium was renovated for 563 million CAD ​​. The work was divided into two phases. In the first phase, the seats, the sanitary facilities, and the suites have been upgraded. This work was completed in October 2009. After the 2010 Winter Paralympics, the air cushion roof was replaced with a sunroof during the second phase. This can be opened within twenty minutes and then has a size of 120 mx 85 m, that is the same size as the playing field. In addition, a centrally suspended Scorer board was installed with a size of 21 mx 12 m.

Terms and Events

Currently wearing the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of Major League Soccer its games at BC Place Stadium. Previous users of the stadium were the basketball team Vancouver Nighthawks ( WBL, 1988), the football team Vancouver Whitecaps ( NASL, 1983-84 ) and.

In BC Place Stadium the final of the Grey Cup was played eight times previously held the championship of the Canadian Football League ( 1983, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1994, 1999, 2005, 2011). During the 2010 Winter Olympics here the opening and closing ceremonies and awards ceremonies were held. Also here the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Paralympics were held. The stadium is also the venue of the annual Slam City Jam.

In March 2014 here the NHL Heritage Classic will be held in 2014.

The BC Place Stadium will be one of six host cities of the Football World Cup Women 2015.