The abbreviation BCC stands for:

  • Baltimore Convention Center, a convention and exhibition hall in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • Banque Centrale des Comores, the Central Bank of the Comoros
  • Banque Centrale du Congo, the Central Bank of the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Basal cell carcinoma ( BCC ), a cancer of the skin, see Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Basque Culinary Center, a gastronomic school in San Sebastian
  • Battery Control Central, and the fire of anti-aircraft missile system MIM -23 HAWK
  • Bavarian Contest Club association of radio amateurs with particular emphasis on radio contests
  • Berlin Cricket Club, a Berlin Cricket Club
  • Berlin Congress Center, the convention hall at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin
  • Birch Carroll & Coyle, an Australian cinema chain
  • Black Country Communion, an Anglo- American rock group, a so-called supergroup
  • Blind Carbon Copy - a copy of an e -mail that is not visible to other recipients: header ( email) # BCC
  • Block Check Character, a term used in telecommunications
  • Boot Camp Clik, a New York hip- hop band
  • Borland C compiler, the compiler of C Builder
  • Bosmal City Center, a building in Sarajevo
  • Brisbane City Council, the City Council of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Bruce Evans ' C compiler, the 16- bit code and beyond BIOS and DOS code can generate Unix
  • Brunstad Conference Center, a conference center in Norway
  • Business Centre Club, an employers' organization in Poland
  • BCC Business Communication Company, managed services provider in Wolfsburg
  • Business Crime Control, a nonprofit civil and human rights organization, in particular, dealing with economic crimes

The abbreviation bcc stands for:

  • Body- centered cubic, see Cubic crystal system # Cubic body-centered lattice ( bcc )
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