BCM is an abbreviation for:

  • BCM diet and nutrition program, a Formula Diet
  • Benzimidazole, a fungicide active substance group
  • Black Consciousness Movement, a former independence movement in the apartheid era in South Africa
  • Body cell mass, body cell mass ( sa: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis )
  • Body Control Module, a control device for car body (immobilizer, door locks, etc.)
  • Brian Carter Music, a dance and house label
  • British Chess Magazine, the oldest still published chess magazine
  • Bromochlorormethane a chemical compound
  • Business Communications Management, a strategy for process-integrated correspondence creation in companies
  • To Business Contact Manager, an extension to Microsoft Outlook to use customer data together in the corporate network
  • Business Continuity Management English for " Business Continuity Management"
  • Bacau Romania Airport by IATA code

Bcm is an abbreviation for:

  • Billion cubic meters, 109 m3 (1 billion cubic meters)
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