The abbreviation stands for BCP:

  • Best Current Practice, a term from the standardization (see Request for Comments )
  • Banco Comercial Português, a major bank in Portugal
  • La Banque Centrale Populaire, a bank in Morocco
  • Banco Central del Paraguay, Paraguayan Central Bank
  • Book of Common Prayer, a book in the Anglican Communion
  • Federation of Christian Scouts, Girl Scouts composite of 1922-1972
  • Basotho Congress Party, Party in Lesotho
  • Bağımsız Cumhuriyet Partisi, Party in Turkey
  • Business Continuity Planning, a term from business and IT continuity planning
  • Bulk copy, program to import large amounts of data in databases, or export from databases.
  • Burma Center Prague, a Czech human rights organization.
  • Boolean constraint propagation, Boolean condition reproduction
  • Branch, Cut and Price, an optimization method
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