Be Inc.

Be Incorporated was an American company that has developed the operating system BeOS and BeBox computer. The company's headquarters was located in Menlo Park, California.


Be Incorporated was founded by Jean -Louis Gassée and Steve Sakoman in 1990 with $ 9 million in seed capital. Donors were the companies AT & T and Cray. In 1995, prior to loading the BeBox and the specially developed operating system BeOS. In 1997, the production of BeBox was adjusted. After loading had abandoned the production of its own hardware, the company showed Apple, which was looking for a successor to Mac OS 8, interested in a takeover. This failed, however, as Jean -Louis Gassée demanded 300 million U.S. dollars and a seat on the board.


In 2001, Be Incorporated sold its "intellectual property" (intellectual property ), including BeOS, at PalmOne Inc. for 11 million U.S. $, as the company was facing bankruptcy. The company therefore brought a lawsuit against Microsoft for antitrust distortion at, especially because of the limitation of OEM version, no dual-boot systems containing both Microsoft and the systems of other manufacturers to allow.

In September 2003, the two parties settled out of court for a payment of U.S. $ 23.25 million to Be.

Besides BeOS Be BeIA also presented, a result whose unexpectedly poor sales make some responsible for the bankruptcy of Be.

Bes headquarters was located in Menlo Park, California. Furthermore, there were branches in France and Japan. For the duration of the insolvency of the company headquarters to Mountain View, California has been moved. The company was finally liquidated in 2009.

Origin of the name

Probably had the company's name has its origin in a conversation between Gassée and co-founder Steve Sakoman. Gassée wanted the company originally "United Technoids Inc." call, which Sakoman but did not agree and he promised to look in the dictionary for a better name. A few days later, when Gassée asked him how he is progressing, Sakoman replied that he had finally fallen asleep at the letter B on the dictionary. Gassée said: " Be is great. End of story. " ( "Be is nice. End of story". )