BE is an abbreviation for:

  • Bachelor of Engineering, an academic degree
  • Badminton Europe, European Badminton Association
  • Base excess, base excess, a parameter of the acid - base balance
  • Unit (s ) of the National People's Army (NVA ) of the German Democratic Republic
  • Site equipment (BE- face)
  • BE- factor, a conversion factor which is used by patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
  • Be Incorporated, a US-based software company
  • Belgium, country code according to ISO 3166-1 (first part)
  • Bentheim Eisenbahn AG, a proper operation of the district of Bentheim
  • Rapporteur shall prepare, within a body before a decision
  • Berlin, country code according to ISO 3166-2 Notes: DE (second part)
  • Berliner Ensemble, Theater am Schiffbauerdamm in Berlin
  • Canton of Bern, the Swiss canton
  • Bernd Eichinger, a German film producer and screenwriter
  • An increase in inventories in the context of the operational accounting
  • Art Education, a subject at Austrian schools
  • Bloco de Esquerda, a Portuguese party
  • Blood
  • Fire use, authorities and organizations with security tasks common abbreviation
  • Fuel element, from nuclear power plants
  • British English, spoken in the UK ( official ) language
  • British Energy, a British energy company
  • Bread unit, a measure of carbohydrates in foods
  • German Association for Experiential Education
  • Civic Engagement
  • Business Engineering, method-oriented and model-based design theory for companies in the information age
  • Flybe, a British airline based at Exeter after the IATA code
  • License category BE

BE as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Kreis Beckum ( discontinued)
  • Greece: Piraeus ( only for motorcycles)
  • UK: Birmingham
  • Macedonia: Berovo
  • Moldova: city of Bender (being phased out )
  • Netherlands: vintage truck (black signs with white letters )
  • Norway: Follo in the province of Akershus
  • Portugal: Beja District (only for truck trailer)
  • Sweden: Diplomatic for the Dominican Republic
  • Switzerland: Canton of Berne
  • Slovakia: Bratislava (not yet assigned)
  • Czech Republic Beroun, German: Beroun ( discontinued)
  • Ukraine: Mykolaiv Oblast

B e is an abbreviation for:

  • Federal Highway E, a former Federal Reserve Street in Berlin (West)

Be, Bê stands for:

  • Bê, a German -Brazilian band headed by Betina Ignacio from Sao Paulo
  • Be ( album ), a studio album by the rapper Common
  • Be ( Arabic letter ), the letter extended the Arabic alphabets
  • Be ( Pain of Salvation ), an album by the progressive metal band Pain of Salvation
  • Beryllium, a chemical element
  • Accidentals ♭, an icon in the notation, see b ( notation )
  • Vennara Be ( * 1988), Australian Weightlifter
  • Various electric locomotives in Switzerland, see List of locomotives and railcars SBB

Be is an abbreviation for:

  • Be ( band ), a funk band from Hannover
  • Screw ( Japan), ancient Japanese word for a form of guild
  • Belarusian language, according to ISO 639-1

. be is an abbreviation for:

  • ., loading and country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) Belgium

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