BEA as an abbreviation stands for

  • BEA AG, a manufacturer of electrical products and machines.
  • BEA ( exhibition), Swiss Spring Exhibition for Commercial, agriculture and industry, which takes place annually in Bern
  • BEA poly -Verlag AG, book publishing, toys supplier, collection point / Picture Service, in Brugg / Switzerland
  • BEA Systems, a U.S. company for application infrastructure software ( Nasdaq: BEAS ).
  • Bank of East Asia, the third largest bank - and largest independent bank - in Hong Kong
  • Berlin Energy Agency, founded in 1992 on the initiative of the Berlin House of Representatives.
  • Book Expo America ( International Book Fair in the United States, alternating between New York and Washington).
  • British European Airways, an airline company and the predecessor company of British Airways.
  • Broadcast Education Association.
  • Federal Reformatory, see secondary boarding schools in this state
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis.
  • Bureau d' Enquêtes et d' Analyses pour la sécurité de l'Aviation Civile, the French air accident investigation authority.
  • Project " BEA - accept certificates electronically " of the Federal Employment Agency

Bea called:

  • Bea (Teruel ), a municipality in the province of Teruel, Spain

Bea is the surname of the following persons:

  • Augustin Bea (1881-1968), German theologian and cardinal
  • Carlos Bea (* 1934), Cuban basketball player
  • Bea Eugen (1898-1969), German politician ( SPD), Member of Parliament Baden
  • Iñaki Bea Jauregi (born 1978 ), Spanish footballer
  • José Alfredo Bea ( b. 1969 ), Spanish canoeist
  • Sebastian Bea ( b. 1977 ), American rower

Bea is a short form of the female name Beate, Beatrix and Beatrice

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