Beach Lighthouse (Fleetwood)


The Beach Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Fleetwood, Lancashire, England. The lighthouse, which is also known as Lower Light, signaled in the interaction with the Pharos Lighthouse and the Wyre Light the entrance to the port of Fleetwood by the method characterized by sandbars estuary of the River Wyre.

The 13 m high lighthouse was designed in 1839 by Decimus Burton and Captain Henry Mangles Denham and built in the classical style of sandstone. On 1 December 1840, the tower was put into operation.

The lighthouse sends out every 2 seconds a green light when it is located directly under the light of the Pharos Lighthouse, indicating the Wyre Light, 3.7 km from the coast to the North Wharf Bank entry into the shipping channel of the Wyre highlighted.

The lighthouse is a monument that is managed by English Heritage as a Grade II Monument.


Lower Lighthouse at English Heritage