Beach rock is formed by rapid rock formation from beach deposits in the immediate coastal environment in tropical to subtropical climates.


The rock may include various materials, the binder are especially rich in magnesium carbonates ( dolomite, calcite or aragonite ). The formation of the beach area is interpreted by a supersaturation of CaCO3 by strong evaporation ( Scoffin, 1970), inflow of karbonatreichem groundwater in the beach area ( Hanor, 1978) and in the brackish water zone and precipitation of carbonate minerals by microbial activities ( Neumeier, 1999).

The possible interpretation as a sea level indicator is not easy. There is very little fossil Beach rock, which could be explained among other things by a repeated reworking.


Regular pillow-like formations of rock at the Beach Biminiroad gave rise to speculation about a human production similar to that of megaliths. The integration of coarser civilization garbage ( plastic waste in the oceans as well as tin cans ) make single, very peculiar Beach rock steps to collectibles.