Bear Grylls

Edward Michael Grylls, also called "Bear", ( born June 7, 1974, the Isle of Wight ) is a former British SAS soldier, adventurer and scout leader.


Edward "Bear" Grylls is the son of the late Tory politician Sir Michael Grylls. He studied at Eton College and has a degree in Hispanic Studies at the University of London.

Grylls served from 1994 to 1996 in the Special Air Service, a special unit of the British Army. He finished his service with the SAS after he had suffered in 1996 during a parachute jump exercise three spinal fractures. By a commission of the Royal Navy, he was appointed the honorary Lieutenant Commander.

In 1998, Grylls ascended at the age of 23 years as the youngest Briton to Mount Everest. In 2007 he was the first human with a paramotor successful Mount Everest. Since 11 July 2009, he is the Chief Scout of the United Kingdom and Overseas Territories.

He lives with his wife Shara and his three sons on a converted barge on the River Thames and at times on a small island off Wales.


2005, the documentary Escape to the Legion was filmed. In this film, Grylls and eleven other UK recruits were filmed as they completed four weeks a trailing formation of the French Foreign Legion in the Sahara.

Grylls hosted a documentary series for Discovery Channel Europe, known as Adventure Survival (English title: Man vs. Wild. ), Which is also exposure on DMAX with the name aired in the wilderness. In this series, Grylls was exposed within several episodes at some of the most extreme nature scenes of the earth, and showed viewers how to survive there - made ​​mostly completely on their own and only with the help of nature. In 2010, Bear Grylls was seen in the Discovery Channel series Worst - Case Scenario. In the series, Grylls shows how to survive threatening situations in everyday life such as a fire in a nightclub or a possible prosecution without prejudice.

On 14 March 2012 reported several media outlets, including the Times, that the then 37 -year-old two contractually agreed projects have denied. Then, the Discovery Channel have the survival experts dismissed.

In February 2013 he took his collaboration with the Discovery Channel again, planned are 6 episodes in a new program that aims to show already emitted material with interviews.

From July 8 to August 26, 2013 aired on NBC in the Anglo-American Grylls new series Get Out Alive. The format is a reality show in which teams compete against each other and several different survival scenarios must exist. In Germany the program as Bear Grylls is: Get Out Alive, as well Grylls previous formats, from November 10, 2013 broadcast on DMAX.

In addition, on October 7, 2013 launched its new show Bear Grylls: Escape from Hell. Here Grylls deals with real accidents in the wilderness and reconstructs them to test how he had freed himself from such an extreme situation. The German premiere of the previously rotated six episodes done since February 2, 2014 DMAX.


  • Facing Up (USA: The Kid Who Climbed Everest )
  • Facing the Frozen Ocean
  • 2008: Born Survivor: Bear Grylls.
  • 2011: Mud, Sweat and Tears. (2012 in the German translation )


  • 2012 Mud, Sweat and Tears ( From d Engl v. Yvonne Rolli )
  • 2013 The Survival Guide for Life ( translation: Rolli, Yvonne ), Börsenmedien Publisher
  • To live outside (over ) (Translation: Reuther, Marion ), Börsenmedien

He also wrote a series Survival Books for children:

  • Mission Survival: Gold of the Gods
  • Mission Survival: Way of the Wolf
  • Mission Survival: Sands of the Scorpion
  • Mission Survival: Tracks of the Tiger.