Beatenberg from the air

Beatenberg is a municipality in the Interlaken- Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.


It lies in the Bernese Oberland on a terrace below the low horn and high above Lake Thun. From Beatenberg you can see the Virgin Group ( Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau ) as well. On the political community Beatenberg also includes the village Sundlauenen, which is close to the Beatushöhle directly on Lake Thun.



  • Beatus Caves: According to legend, the local Holy Beatus, a missionary from Ireland, be drawn to Lake Thun and have driven there from the caves above Sundlauenen a dragon. His abode in the dragon's cave was a place of pilgrimage. Even today the mile-long cave with underground lakes a main attraction of the community.
  • Above the Lake Thun is the nearly 2000 meter high low horn. The view stretches from the Bernese Alps with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau to the distant Jura. The Lower Horn is an ideal starting point for shorter and longer hikes. With a little luck you'll find this a ibex colony. Even in winter, the low horn has its appeal: There are ski runs, winter hiking trails, snowshoe trails and toboggan runs are available. A winter walk to the beat Berger Waldegg district through snowy forests and mountain landscapes.


  • Albert Samuel Gatschet (1832-1907), ethnologist and linguist, born in Beatenberg
  • Erich von Däniken ( b. 1935 ), non-fiction author, lives in Beatenberg
  • Beatrice Gafner (* 1964), skier
  • Evelyne Binsack (born 1967 ), a mountain guide, lived in Beatenberg
  • Thomas Ulrich (born 1967 ), adventurer, lives in Beatenberg

Pictures of Beatenberg