Beatrice Egli

Beatrice Egli ( born June 21, 1988 in Pfäffikon, Canton Schwyz ) is a Swiss pop singer and the winner of the tenth season of the talent show RTL Germany sucht den Superstar.


Egli comes from a musical family and singing since the age of nine. At 14, she began taking singing lessons and singing at folk festivals. She trained as a hairdresser and worked in this profession one year. In 2011 she graduated from an acting training at the School for Acting Hamburg. With her ​​two older and the younger brother she lives in the family home in Pfäffikon.

2007 Egli occurred together with Lys Assia; together they released the single Tell me where dwell the angels and an eponymous album. The duo won in April 2007, with this title, the Swiss preliminary round of the Grand Prix of folk music. At the finals in Vienna in August, it reached # 12 of 16 for this performance Egli was made by Assia responsible. In autumn 2007, Egli occurred at the Autumn Festival of folk music by Florian silver iron. In 2009 she presented in Musikantenstadl the title lipstick. Until then, she appeared under her Prenonym on the stage, from their third album in 2011 under her full name.

On May 11, 2013 Egli won the final of the tenth season of Germany sucht den Superstar, with 70.25 percent of the audience votes. With one exception, Egli received the most viewer calls on all theme shows. By their victory at American Idol, she won 500,000 euros and received a recording contract with Universal Music. Their first single by the American Idol participation was My Heart, composed by Dieter Bohlen. The song rose in the first week at No. 1 on the official German, Austrian and Swiss singles charts. The top position in the charts had to give up a week later in all three countries again Egli, however. In May, her studio album was released happiness that went into Germany, Austria and Switzerland at # 2 on the album charts. In the second week of sales, the album reached number 1 in the Swiss charts; in August it was awarded in Switzerland with platinum. In Germany, nearly four weeks, their album and their single awarded after American Idol victory with gold. Their second single now and for ever appeared here on 31 August 2013.

After winning American Idol also published previously sold better. So Egli succeeded with their 2011 released album Fire and Flame 2013, the leap to number 12 in the Swiss charts. 2011 the album was number 81 of the Swiss charts. 2013 the album was the first time a ranking in the German and Austrian charts. On November 22, 2013, the next studio album was pure joy. The first single is Something About Dir On December 7, 2013 Beatrice Egli occurred in the Super talent; there she was certified platinum for happiness.

Appearances on American Idol



  • 2013: Among us ( two episodes )


Studio albums



  • Echo 2014: Newcomer of the Year (International)