Beatrice (given name)

Beatrice is a female first name.

Origin and Meaning of the Name

The name comes from the Occitan, but has spread mainly through the Italian. Meanwhile, there is also the neo-Latin formation Beatrix. The name means " the Blessed Mach end ". The French form is Béatrice. The Spanish and Portuguese form is Beatriz.

The popularity of the name goes back to a character from the works of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri: In Vita Nuova, he reported for the first time by a prematurely deceased Beatrice ( Beatrice Portinari see ), whom he had met as a young woman in Florence. Later, Beatrice emerged then as the leader of the narrator at the end of Purgatory and Paradise in Dante's Divine Comedy again - quite fitting to their name ( "Blessed Mach end "). Earlier it was she who had asked the poet Virgil task is to save the narrator from the dark forest where he was lost, and to accompany him through Hell and Purgatory. Whether Beatrice really exists or is just a figure of the seal remains unclear.

Metaphorically (and sometimes jokingly ) refers to a leader as Beatrice, while denotes a very loquacious leader as cicerone. In the literature, may be meant metaphorically with Beatrice also an unattainable beloved.


Famous names winners

  • Beatrice Arthur (1922-2009), American actress
  • Beatrice Richter ( * 1948 ), German actress
  • Beatrice Straight (1914-2001), American actress
  • Beatrice Webb (1858-1943), English sociologist
  • Beatrice de Frangepan (* 1480, † about March 27, 1510 ), by marriage Margravine of Brandenburg -Ansbach
  • Beatrice of Great Britain and Ireland (1857-1944), British princess
  • Beatrice of Savoy ( Czech Betrice Savojská; around 1310-1331 ); third wife of Henry of Carinthia ( Czech Jindřich Korutanský )
  • Princess Beatrice of York ( * 1988), granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Rose Auslander (actually: Rosalie Beatrice Ruth Scherzer ) ( 1901-1988 ), German poet

Family name


Bea, Beate, Beatrijs, Beatrix, Trise, Trici, Trix, Trixi, Trixie

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