Beatrice of Bourbon, Queen of Bohemia

Beatrice de Bourbon - Czech Beatrice Bourbonská; ( * Before 1320, † December 23, 1383 ) was the second wife of the Czech king John of Luxembourg ( Czech John of Luxemburg ).

She was born shortly before 1320 as a subsidiary of the French Duke Louis I de Bourbon and his wife Marie de Hainaut. Her father, ruler of the Duchy of Bourbon and the counties of Clermont and Marche, one of the richest French nobleman, which he and his family made ​​it possible to stay at the Paris court. Here is widowed for four years Johann met in the fall of 1334 the young Princess. Even if there was a difference of 25 years between the engaged couple, they were both married by consent of the duke and the king of France in December castle of Vincennes. A month later also approved the Pope Benedict XII. this marriage. His dispensation was necessary because of a close relationship on the part of the bride's mother.

In the kingdom of Bohemia, Beatrice came only after a year, in January 1336th Until then, she lived on the farms of the husband in Luxembourg and Hainaut. After arriving in Prague, she managed the daughter Blanca, which was about the same age. For Beatrice, who spoke only French, Blanca companion was during the entire stay in Bohemia. However, she understood very soon that it was not the expected successor in Bohemia. This feature has been generally attributed to the wife of the throne successor Charles IV. You should therefore never tried to love the country or to learn their language. In February 1337 she gave birth in Prague a son, who was baptized in the name of the Bohemian cartridges Wenceslas ( Václav ). But even this gesture was not accepted by the nobility. Therefore, Beatrice decided after her coronation on May 18, 1337 to leave the country. Beginning in June 1337, she went to Luxembourg. There she devoted herself to the education of the son and daughter Bona and never returned to Bohemia. She died at sixty-five years and not only survived all her stepchildren, including the Margrave John Henry and the Emperor Charles IV, but also her own son Wenceslas, who had previously died two weeks.

Pictures of Beatrice of Bourbon, Queen of Bohemia