Beatrice of Silva

Beatrix da Silva Meneses also Santa Beatriz da Silva ( * 1424 in Ceuta or in Campo Maior, † 1490 in Toledo) was a Portuguese nobleman, maid of honor of "Isabella the Catholic ", foundress and saint.


Beatrix da Silva Meneses was 1424, may, at that time in possession of the Portuguese crown, born in Ceuta. Her father was the knight Rui Gomes da Silva, alcalde of the border town of Campo Maior. Her mother was Isabel de Meneses, the illegitimate daughter of Pedro de Meneses (1370-1437), second Earl of Viana de Alentejo and first Earl of de Villareal, governor of Ceuta. The couple had about 12 children, including Beatriz. Both families, the da Silva and de Meneses, were illustrious families and the royal family of Portugal ( with King Sancho I, the colonizers 1154-1211 ) and Castile linked.

For a life at court brought up, she was maid of honor of Isabella of Portugal, daughter of the Infante João, the second youngest son of King João I and Philippa of Lancaster. As Isabella set out to marry Juan II of Castile to the Castilian court, she took Beatrix, her cousin, as maid of honor. Isabella became the mother of Isabella I of Castile, the " Isabella the Catholic " became known as in the story.

At age 21, Beatrix maid of honor was the Queen Isabella I of Castile. She later retired to a monastery in Toledo, where she lived for nearly 30 years as a nun, but without having to take the vows, and all their possessions - they had been originally very rich - distributed to the poor.

In the middle of the start-up phase of their order ill Beatrix difficult; she could take her vows only on his deathbed. She died 1490-1492. The exact date of death is unknown, although exact days of death are to be found in the literature.

Founding of the order

1484 founded the Order of Beatrix in Toledo Conceptionist ( Order of the Immaculate Conception), a community of contemplative life, which is now used in Spain, Portugal, USA, Italy and other countries.


Beatrix da Silva Meneses ' cult was posted on July 28, 1926 by Pope Pius XI. confirmed their official canonization took place on October 3, 1976 by ​​Pope Paul VI. Your feast day is August 16.


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