Beaumont, California

Riverside County


Beaumont is a city in Riverside County in the U.S. state of California with 36 877 inhabitants ( 2010).

Beaumont is a growing planned city today. According to estimates, the population will be in 2040 at 125,000.


Beaumont is located in the north of Riverside County in the U.S. state of California. Adjacent locations are Banning the east, Cherry Valley in the north and Calimesa in the northwest. On the road network Beaumont is connected via Interstate 10 and California State Routes 60 and 79. Because of Beaumont's location at the highest point of the San Gorgonio Pass, the height of the highways falls in the neighboring cities of Banning and Calimesa off gradually.

Beaumont has 36 877 inhabitants (as of 2010 census ) and covers an area of ​​80.098 km ², of which 80.062 km ² land area is; The population density is therefore 460.6 people per square kilometer and is comparatively low. The center of Beaumont is located at an altitude of 796 m.


In summer, temperatures typically rise to 35 ° C, while falling to an average of 11 ° C in winter. Due to the high position it's in Beaumont usually three to five degrees Celsius colder than in lower-lying cities within such as Riverside, Hemet, San Jacinto, Perris and Palm Springs. Snowfall comes in Beaumont rare.

The slightly lower temperatures and compared with neighboring cities clean air make Beaumont a sought after area for any development in the Inland Empire. Together with San Bernardino, Fontana and Banning Beaumont is one of the windiest cities in Southern California.

The annual rainfall averages 432 mm.


During the early 1850s the surrounding area of present-day Beaumont of surveyors was scoured in search of a mountain pass, which should create a connection between areas in the east and the Pacific. In 1853 the San Gorgonio Pass, was discovered by a group of surveyors under the direction of Lieutenant RS Williamson, an envoy of the government of the United States. The discovery sparked enthusiasm and gave hope for a realization of the plans; soon the construction of a railway line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean was planned. From the early 1860s, the Southern Pacific Railroad laid tracks through the area in the later Beaumont was born. At the highest point of the pass, the plant Edgar Station was founded, named after one of the scientists who contributed to the discovery of the mountain pass. Edgar Station served as a resting place for rail travelers coming from the Mojave Desert and in the greater Los Angeles area were out. A short time later, Edgar Station changed its name to San Gorgonioum. Gradually moved the place and permanent residents.

On November 18, 1912 San Gorgonio was raised to the City. Since then, the city takes its present name Beaumont (French for beautiful mountain). In 1927 the young city had 857 inhabitants, five churches, a public library, a bank, a high school, two local newspapers, several sawmills, warehouses and a drainage system. Beaumont was referred to one of the largest apple growing areas in Riverside County and in the early years of its own people as "the land of the big red apple ". In 1930, the apple orchards in and around Beaumont brought a U.S. $ 200,000. As the previously little-known town of Palm Springs grew a bit east of Beaumont in 1930 and became a popular holiday resort, also experienced an increase in Beaumont tourists and residents; through the construction of so-called guest ranches Beaumont tried to take advantage of the flourishing neighboring town. According to a postcard from the 1930s or 1940s, for example, the Highland Springs Guest Ranch offered to its guests horseback riding, tennis, archery, horseshoes, swimming, shuffleboard, table tennis, baseball, ballroom dances, massages, basketball and beds for the night.

During the Cold War was in Potrero Canyon south of Beaumont a testing ground for Lockheed missile, which was operated by Rocketdyne. In 2003, the majority of the land was sold to the state of California. Toxic chemicals that were left by the rocket fuel and test activities have been found in soil and groundwater in the test area; should be started with the cleaning of the contaminated area in the coming years. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to make to the valley to the public, there has also reached the last remaining valleys of California's Inland Empire by the real estate boom at the beginning of the new millennium, the urban sprawl.

Since 2000, many residents of Southern California flock to Beaumont; This is due to the low real estate costs and proximity to Los Angeles. Consequently, the population increased from 2000 to 2006 by 130.5 percent, making Beaumont Place 2 topped the list of the fastest growing suburbs in California behind Lincoln. Many former residents redoubling worried because they feared increasing student numbers, increased water demand and traffic problems on Interstate 10 in Beaumont and the surrounding area.

In Beaumont arise more planned settlements, some are already completed. A short time ago opened several hypermarkets, including a Walmart, a hardware store from The Home Depot and Staples, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Petco and Ross Stores stores. In the near Banning are also supermarkets Albertsons LLC and Stater Bros.

In 2012, Beaumont celebrated its centenary.


Beaumont plans enlargements of the urban area and the construction of new housing to increase the population in the next 10 to 25 years. To the west of the city's other major roads and intersections are currently built for congestion prevention. With the new housing Beaumont could ascend to the fastest growing city in California; the population is expected to increase to 125,000 residents. Behind Santa Clarita Valencia district of Beaumont is considered as fastest-growing planned city in the greater Los Angeles area.


Beaumont is part of the 23rd District in the Senate of California, which is currently represented by Republican Bill Emmerson, and the 42nd District of the California State Assembly, represented by Republican Brian nest changes. Furthermore belongs to Beaumont California's 36th congressional district, which a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R 1 and is represented by Democrat Raul Ruiz.


Many driving shots for the film An American Quilt 1995 were filmed in Beaumont, as well as some episodes as well as parts of the Openings for the television series My Name Is Earl.

Associated with Beaumont personalities

  • Junius F. Brown, psychologist, died in Beaumont
  • Tracy Caldwell Dyson, astronaut, graduated from Beaumont High School
  • Mary Forbes, actress, died in Beaumont
  • Brion James, actor, grew up in Beaumont
  • Jackie Mills, a jazz drummer, died in Beaumont

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