Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop is an American comedy film from the year 2005.


The hairstylist Gina Norris moves from Chicago to Atlanta so her talented daughter Vanessa there can attend a music school. She is successful in the salon by Jorge Christophe, but when he gets treated badly she and her colleagues in an argument with him. Gina announces and opens up her own hairdressing salon. You will receive a bank loan, renovated the store and provides a staff, including her sister Darnelle. The offer of living on her electrician Joe to clean up the electrics, it beats out first.

The business is running successfully after a short time, and there is loose, fresh atmosphere between staff and boss. Occurring difficulties are overcome together. However overthrow surprising visits by a health inspector who imposes heavy, seemingly arbitrary punishments, Gina existential financial difficulties. When her salon is devastated by a gang of thugs at the peak of the events they want to give up.


Joe Leydon wrote in the journal Variety of 29 March 2005, the film offers entertainment and a good feeling that this does not would less that he was predictable ( "feel-good entertainment did is no less enjoyable for being somewhat predictable" ). It was built episodic and consists of loosely connected scenes. Latifah play its role " easily "; some of the side characters would make a vivid impression.

The lexicon of international film wrote, follow the " episodic developed film " " no history stringency, but" to hangele " by the individual narrative strands in the salon ." He was with Joe 's Bed -Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads of comparable Spike Lee, but " from a female perspective " and told " garnished with cameo appearances of some celebrity ."


Queen Latifah was nominated in 2005 in three categories for the Teen Choice Award, a further nomination was Kevin Bacon. Queen Latifah and the screenwriters were nominated for the 2005 Black Movie Awards. Bille Woodruff, the screenwriters, Queen Latifah and the film for Outstanding movie were nominated for the 2005 BET Comedy Award. Queen Latifah was nominated for the 2006 Black Reel Award and the Image Award.


Originally the film was to be released as the third part of Barbershop.

The film was shot in Atlanta and Los Angeles. He played in the cinemas of the United States a approximately 36.3 million U.S. dollars. In some countries such as Germany and Italy, he was released directly to DVD or video.